The simple way to manage your chatbot

Create your own chatbot and reach out to your customers on Facebook and Messenger.

Build Visually

Hexabot offers a visual editor that facilitates the configuration of the chatbot through the design of conversation paths.

Using a predefined block palette you can send text messages, quick replies, call-to-action buttons, and files.


Hexabot has an automatic natural language processing (NLP) to empower your chatbot with an artificial intelligence.

With the broadcast feature, target and engage your audience. Send regular notifications to keep your customers informed of your latest changes.


Hexabot allows you to manage the persistent menu on Messenger to easy access to the main features of the chatbot.

Hexabot allows you to easily manage the content related to your products and/or services and display them to your customers in a convenient way.

Why having a Chatbot is important for your business?

The main aim of having a chatbot is to support and extend the sales and support teams in their interactions with customers.

24/7 Availability

No more waiting for the next available agent. Chatbots are basically virtual robots, they never get tired and continue to obey commands.

Manage Customers

Chatbots can simultaneously have conversations with thousands of people, no matter what time of day it is.


Integrate a customer support chatbot to respond to recurring simple customer requests and forward complex queries to support agents.

Customer satisfaction

Chatbots are bound by a specified set of rules. They always treat a client in the most polite and perfect way, no matter how rude the person is.



Chatbot is not about programming, it's about mastering conversations. Hexabot simplifies the development effort with its powerful visual editor and allows you to better focus on understanding your audience and continuously improving your Chatbot.

  • The visual editor speeds up the process of designing the chatbot's dialog flow, so that everything is configurable from the user interface.

  • Get a real understanding of how your chatbot work. Keep track of conversations with your customers and optimize the experience as you go.

  • With automatic natural language processing, provide your chatbot with artificial intelligence to better analyze the messages received.

  • Engage your audience proactively and keep them up-to-date.

  • We provide custom features on demand for medium and large companies like integration with third party systems.

Build natural and rich conversational experiences!

Hexabot offers you the features you need to connect to Facebook Messenger users and offer them a new way to access your products and services.

Hexabot is extensible because it allows integration with third party systems such as your e-shop or your information system. Our solution will also allow anyone, who does not necessarily have a technical profile, to administer the chatbot via user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.